Anne Schaefer

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Anne Schaefer is musician, singer-songwriter, facilitator, mystic, seeker and life-lover based on Canada’s beautiful West Coast.

Born into a family of musicians and raised in small town Saskatchewan, music has been Anne’s most natural way of being since the beginning. Anne’s longing to heal herself and form a deeper connection to herself, humanity and the divine nature of creation, led her to begin her studies in Core and Cellular Transformational Healing with Irish Mystic, Alchemist, Healer, Teacher, Ger Lyons. This expansion and awakening of her awareness of the Spiritual connection of all things and the intrinsic healing quality of sound, music, movement and energy, represented in Nature and in Humanity as the extension of the natural world, and the Light in All, is now what drives all of Anne’s work. Presently she divides her time between her Victoria base and her newest adventures facilitating Music Healing Workshops throughout China, exploring the beauty of awakening the Spirit through Music in the amazing ancient Chinese culture. Humanities beauty and Natures’ magnificence never cease to amaze her.

Anne has toured and taught on three continents and is continually grateful for the privilege of connecting with all people, their divine nature, their hearts and her own, through music.  She believes that music is every human’s birthright, and that all our connections are enhanced through the enjoyment of it whether it’s playing, singing, listening or writing it. Anne is grateful and delighted at the beauty and mystery of it all and can’t wait for the next adventure wherever it leads.