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Bayo Akomolafe—Making Sanctuary in Earnest Times

  • Burnside Gorge Community Centre 471 Cecelia Rd Victoria BC (map)

Bayo Akomolafe—2 Day Workshop

(includes Friday night lecture)

In-Person (there is no longer a livestream option available for the weekend workshop)

Saturday April 27, Sunday April 28

930 am to 5pm

Burnside Gorge Community Centre


The medieval juridical practice of “claiming sanctuary”, predating our modern legal system – in which a fugitive was offered momentary respite from a severe punishment by surrendering himself or herself to the mercies of the Church – was usually initiated by using the hagoday. The hagoday or Sanctuary Knocker was an ornamental knocker installed on cathedral doors. Most hagodays were fashioned as monstrous heads with large metal rings (the knocker) hanging from their ferocious mouths. Whoever grabbed the hagoday ring was offered the right of asylum under English common law. 

Today, we are besieged by a mightier insurgency. The cracks in the walls and in the foundations of our modern project are getting angrier. Certain climatic, social, political and spiritual upheavals have brought us to the crossroads, where we must confront ourselves. The vultures are circling overhead. We are beyond hope now. What do we do in this place? Where is our sanctuary?

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In this 2-day workshop, Bayo Akomolafe reclaims the art of “claiming sanctuary” by first de-localizing the sacred as it spills from its previous containment behind ‘holy’ walls. Making the case that the sacred has changed not only its address but its very nature, Bayo invites us to consider the sacred as the reconfiguration of the familiar, decentering ‘ourselves’ (read: human actors) as the sole possessors of agency, and changing shape – each of which are endowments bestowed by the ‘monster’. Perhaps this is our more urgent task: to make sanctuary in welcome of the ‘monstrous arrivant’; to stay with the trouble of loss; to learn to with-ness the others we are inescapably entangled with; to touch our many-limbed bodies as the fantasy of the coherent/whole modern self is composted.

This decolonization workshop is about this kind of difficult work; this ‘postactivism’; this slow feeling of the textures and bodies of whiteness; this dwelling with the weird a while longer than we are used to; this co-inquiry into the emergence of possibly wiser systems of economy and education.

SCHOLARSHIP for full time students—50% off for the in-person full weekend workshop. Use promo code STUDENT when you register.

There are 3 ways to participate in Bayo’s visit. Click each option for more information and tickets:

Friday Night Public Lecture In-Person

Tickets CAD $27

Friday Night Public Lecture Global Livestream

Tickets CAD $20

Recording will be available for you to watch as often as you like for 30 days after the event. (Only for purchasers of livestream ticket.)

You will be emailed a link to the broadcast on the day of the event.

Weekend Workshop In-Person (Includes Friday Night)

Tickets CAD $282

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Author, speaker, lecturer, renegade academic, ethnopsychotherapeutic researcher and proud diaper-changer, Bayo Akomolafe (Ph.D.), is globally recognized for his poetic, unconventional and counter-intuitive take on global crisis, civic action and social change. He is Executive Director and Initiating / Co-ordinating Curator for the Emergence Network. Bayo has authored two books: ‘We Will Tell Our Own Story’ and ‘These Wilds Beyond Our Fences: Letters To My Daughter on Humanity’s Search For Home’ and has penned forewords for many others.

Bayo is visiting professor at Middlebury College, Vermont, and has taught in universities around the world (including Sonoma State University California, Simon Frasier University Vancouver, Schumacher College Devon, Harvard University, and Covenant University Nigeria – among others). He is a consultant with UNESCO, leading efforts for the Imagining Africa’s Future (IAF) project. He speaks and teaches about his experiences around the world, and then returns to his adopted home in Chennai, India – “where the occasional whiff of cow dung dancing in the air is another invitation to explore the vitality of a world that is never still and always surprising.”

He considers his most sacred work to be learning how to be with his daughter and son – Alethea Aanya and Kyah Jayden – and their mother, his wife and “life-nectar”, Ijeoma. 

For more information, visit his website here.

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