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Sarah Kerr—Grief as Initiation

  • First Metropolitan United Church 932 Balmoral Road Victoria, BC, V8T 1A8 Canada (map)
Sarah Kerr

Sarah Kerr

Grief as Initiation

Loss is part of life.

Our world changes, whether we like it or not.

Children leave home. Marriages end. People get sick. People die.

When we lose someone or something we love deeply, nothing makes sense anymore. It’s hard to imagine how things will ever be right again. Our old world is gone, we have no idea what our new world will look like, and the period in between is dark and confusing.

We can feel lost in this time of grief and heartbreak, because nobody’s ever given us a map of how the process works.  It feels awful, meaningless, and endless. We’re missing the archetypal soul-teachings that guide and sustain us through the darkness and back into life.

Loss is never easy. But without an understanding of the transformation our souls are experiencing, the process is much harder than it needs to be.

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Join us for an exploration of the soul’s journey through grief, loss and transformation:

  • Learn what’s happening at a soul-level when we lose something or somebody we love.

  • Meet loss as an initiation, so that instead of destroying us, it makes us stronger and more capable.

  • Understand the rites of passage that help us grow into the person the loss is asking us to become.

Who this is for:

If you’re facing a large or small life transition, you’ll understand what’s happening for your soul, and why.

If someone you love has died, or is dying, you’ll learn the soul-wisdom you need for the journey.

If you’re supporting a friend or family member through a loss, you’ll gain patience and compassion for their process.

Thursday November 1, 2018

First Metropolitan United Church,

932 Balmoral Road, Victoria

Doors 630pm, Event 7pm to 9pm

$29 for in-person

$22 for livestream

Click here to purchase the livestream recording. Please note: you can view the recording as many times as you like until December 1st, 7pm PST.

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This event is hosted by:

And The Base Healing Community