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Stephen Busby—Working with Subtle Energy: Embodied Skills and Capacities for a Higher Frequency of Life

  • The Roundhouse Farm 1506 Burnside Road West Victoria, BC Canada (map)

An immense acceleration in consciousness is available to us all, with potential to transform our lives, our societies, our world. Join Stephen in higher consciousness through subtle energy work - inviting more wholeness into your life:

  • Bring inner movement to those dimensions of yourself where you have learned to hold back from a fuller expression of yourself, attracting very different opportunities and choices.
  • Explore higher-order perceptual skills and capacities, enabling you to expand your consciousness and to respond differently to the world around and within you, as you align with the larger evolutionary invitation of your life-path.

To embody and express our inner world and sensitivities is part of our core incarnational purpose. Subtle energy work affirms our innate multidimensionality, allowing the highest expression of ourselves to unfold as part of a worldwide expansion in consciousness.


We live in many dimensions of consciousness beyond the physical realm. Subtle energy work leads us to life beyond the ordinary senses. We learn how to embrace more of the vast spectrum of life’s sacred invitation. During these three days, you will practice deepening your awareness of subtle energies, as you navigate within yourself and with other people, becoming more sensitive to inner information – how to listen and act on it, and exploring the impact of this, often with healing effects.

When we recognize that reality does not start and stop in the physical world then we are engaging with the subtle realms, which underpin all that we were educated to accept as real in three-dimensional reality. Through this work we participate more creatively in an inner unfolding reality, learning to bridge daily life and our deeper purpose for being here. The inner worlds are not somewhere separate from ourselves; we can learn to be present and to focus there rather than only ‘outside.’ This enables us to explore new perceptual, emotional, intellectual and psychic capacities, embracing all the dimensions of being human.

If you long to relate to life in essential and transformative ways but feel blocked in inner or wounded places that seem not accessible, then subtle energy work will render you sensitive to how energy moves and unfolds all the time, through your smallest actions. You will learn to navigate more from inside, which is far more effective than attempting to change ourselves and the world only from outside.



Anyone who wishes to live, love, work or play more consciously, or who feels an inner call to live at a higher vibrational level of life – for themselves and others. The work is especially useful for those who work with other people through consciousness or who aspire to, such as in the field of coaching or counselling, in healing or therapy – and all the caring professions, and in business or organisational life, consulting or leadership. No previous experience is required.

For those who already know Stephen’s work, this event provides an opportunity to dive more deeply into subtle energy practices. You will become a clearer vessel for higher consciousness as the frequencies we are working with become ever more grounded in your life, supporting you to expand and stabilise there. 


Concise teachings and inner tools, dialogue and conversation, somatic presencing work, individual and small-group assignments and exercises, and guided personal reflection. Simple practices you can take home and explore further will be suggested.

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April 20—22, 2018

Friday & Saturday 9.30am-9pm, Sunday 9.30am-3pm

Vegan/vegetarian meals included in price—lunch and dinner Friday and Saturday, lunch on Sunday

A small number of discounted places may be available to those with limited financial resources. Please send a message to to apply for one of the reductions, describing your financial circumstances.

This will be Stephen’s second visit to Vancouver Island following the training he lead in 2017 on ‘Higher Consciousness and Systemic Constellation Work.’

Learn more about Stephen’s work on his website.



“I feel free, unburdened, more expansive, and can breathe, truly, for the first time in this life. Thank you for this work, from the bottom of my heart.”

“I left the workshop with an expanded sense of self that goes far beyond the personal stories and explanations that I have used to reference my life. I continue to experience an immense sense of wholeness that seems to encompass the entire human experience and so much more.”

“Your work has enabled me to undergo the most profound change. I’m stunned by your ability to slow down, relate to the most subtle things in my presence, and thus help me to untangle the deepest patterns.”