Playing Chicken with Life

I’m in a game of chicken with Life, right now. I planted a stake to declare, “I’m following my intuition; I’m following where the energy calls; I’m waiting for the water to rise instead of carrying my canoe down a dry riverbed”. Trouble is, what if there is no spark, no water, no indication of which way to go?

When I was growing up, a boy was killed on the railway tracks in my town. The story was that he was playing chicken and didn’t jump off in time. I didn’t know the boy, but I knew those tracks. I could hear the trains go by at night from my bed. It was an ominous sound that made me feel alone and empty. And even though I didn’t know the boy, the story of his death undermined my sense of safety in the world.

I have an event booked for March 30th which is just 10 days away. The venue is booked, the livestream staff are contracted. And that’s it. No plan, no facilitator, no one invited to come. I’ve been waiting for inspiration. Waiting to know what this event should be.

On one level the purpose of this mystery event is to prepare for Bayo Akomolafe’s workshop April 27, 28. We are getting used to a venue that is new to us, and learning how to do a good job of livestreaming a workshop in that space.  

The train coming towards me is not a lethal one. The consequences of not jumping off in time are not devastating. So maybe this is the perfect initiatory test of my new relationship to Life. Believe me, my mind knows of a dozen ways to fill that empty workshop…

At this precise point in the writing of this post, the phone rings and my friend Sandy Ibrahim tells me that a friend of hers has a place to lease downtown and wonders if I’m interested. We go right away to look at it. On the drive she tells me that she is feeling stuck in the writing of her book on Sovereignty. She says she just wishes she could workshop it with some readers, to get some feedback on the material. I tell her my story of playing chicken with Life, and this empty workshop hurtling towards me on the tracks of time.

That was 2 days ago. Since then, Sandy and I have created an amazing outline for the workshop based on Sandy’s 13 point map of the journey to Sovereignty—a non-linear take on the hero/heroine’s journey. And as of this writing, both the in-person and livestream offerings are half full. Folks are already telling me that this workshop on Sovereignty is coming at a perfect time for them.

When Toko-pa was in town she joked about how when incredible synchronicities happen, she has taken to saying, “How ordinary! How usual!” May it be so: may the wonder of living in congruence with Life become completely ordinary to us. And the disharmony and destruction that we have become so seemingly impervious to, become the unusual and the extraordinary. 

Of course I’m feeling elated today—affirmed. But I have included the dark and dangerous first half of this story here, so as not to forget that this path is not easy. And the discomfort is bound to come to test me again, maybe in an even bigger scarier way.

What is uncomfortable for you these days? 

I bow to you on your journey. I bow to Spirit. I am so very grateful:

—to be in co-creation with Life

—to be growing together in this incredible local and international community that is The Base

—to be privileged enough to follow the calling as it comes through this vessel of my body