Mary McAlister

Mary is the founder and owner of The Base Healing Community. Her passion is organizing spiritual community. She is committed to her own healing journey and believes this is best done with others. During her 10 years in corrections, Mary led mindfulness programming for clients, staff, and community partners. She has a Masters in Conflict Analysis and her thesis researched the impact of mindfulness on men in the maximum security jail where she worked. Prior to that she worked as a funeral celebrant, grief counsellor, and rape crisis counsellor. She is the mother of 2 living sons. In spite of a long commitment, and a few victories, Mary has let go of her drive for social change through familiar activist methods. She believes that there is an even deeper, more radical approach called for by Life at this point in human history. Mary is particularly drawn to our collective shadow work as both perpetrators and victims of patriarchy, colonialism, and other mass woundings. She is 5th generation in Canada from mostly Scottish ancestors.

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