Jeff Carreira

Jeff is a meditation teacher and a mystical philosopher with an international following. He is the author of six books exploring the practice of meditation and the philosophy of inner growth. He has been leading workshops and retreats and teaching courses and programs that have guided thousands of people throughout the world to discover higher possibilities.

Extensive spiritual practice and profound experiences of awakening make Carreira’s articulation of subtle philosophical insights both deeply personal and broadly accessible. In fact the thing most often praised in Carreira’s work is his ability to make even the most intricate insights and ideas comprehensible and impactful to a wide audience of people.

“Philosophy is not a luxury,” Carreira states, “because deep philosophical inquiry is critical if we want to understand who we are as human beings in the 21st Century.” His own ongoing philosophical investigations are chronicled in his blog posts and books. He has lectured at such prestigious institutes of higher education as Harvard University, The University of Pennsylvania, Bennington College, Oglethorpe University and the University of Western Australia.

“Two experiences in particular have most shaped my understanding of reality.” Carreira shares, “The first was a series of awakenings that occurred during a two-month long silent meditation retreat in the summer of 2001. During this time I was free to engage in nonstop spiritual practice for 60 days and I experienced explosive energetic awakenings, periods of constant consciousness, and prolonged times of deep abidance in the awareness of pure consciousness. The most significant realizations of that retreat, however, occurred in formal dialogs between all of the retreat participants which resulted in experiences of profound experiences of collective awakening that gave us shared access to higher mind.”

The second transformative experience that shaped Carreira’s character and work occurred during a 2005 retreat in India. It was here that he experienced directly that what appears to be our individual existence and our personal development is, in truth, an inseparable part of a singular process of cosmic evolution.

These experiences led Carreira to become a prominent teacher and the Director of Education for the spiritual educational nonprofit EnlightenNext from 2006 to 2012. In that role he created spiritual education programs that catalyzed transformation for thousands of people throughout the world. In addition he designed an introductory spiritual curriculum and trained nearly 200 teachers to facilitate it all over the world.

In 2010 Carreira was invited to co-teach help build a group called The Evolutionary Collective. He remained in that work for the next few years and helped facilitate a period of dramatic growth. This association added another dimension to an already spiritually overflowing life.

In 2015 Carreira decided to focus his energies on his own work combining his extensive spiritual experience and deep understanding of both Eastern mysticism and Western philosophy in an effort to shift the current paradigm. As he describes it, “We are moving from a paradigm rooted in an assumption of separation and operating according to the principles of individual achievement, into a new paradigm rooted in an assumption of unity and operating according to the principles of collective emergence.”

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