A healing community in Victoria BC

We are meant to be more than our current way of living reveals. We know that all life is sacred and we want to explore how to live that truth more fully right now. Together we are leaving behind our segregated and self-protective roles and exploring the future for which we were born. We are awakening into a consciousness of wholeness through dedicated spiritual practice, and gently reclaiming the parts of ourselves and our ancestral lineages that have been frozen, traumatized, or are otherwise in shadow.

The Base will be opening a physical space in downtown Victoria in 2018 to host daily gatherings, classes, workshops, and retreats. In the meantime we are renting spaces to hold our events. We think Victoria is the perfect place to open a healing centre. 

Our classes and events are group-based, practice based, with a focus on healing. We bow in gratitude to the advancements created by our secular society and say, now it is time for us as a culture to live the truth (which Indigenous cultures have never stopped embodying) that we are Spiritual beings, living in a Spiritual universe, and we are all unique sparks from one Great Source.

Healing modalities offered at The Base include: 

Movement—yoga, dance 


Creativity—singing, art, writing

Speaking and listening—Compassionate Inquiry, prayer and invocation

Please join us.